Letting Go

Letting go means to stop overthinking about the past. It means letting go of painful memories and thoughts. It also means to stop dwelling in the past.
Man has been a great thinker. He thinks about various topics and ponders over them. It is in our hands whether to think good or bad. The good consists of positive thoughts which takes one ahead in life. Positive thinking always leads to prosperity. The bad consists of negative thoughts which stops the progress of oneself, and he is stuck in a pit he can't climb out of. Man thinks positively when he is living in the present, thinking of the present and enjoying every moment; feeling it completely. And this makes him happy. Negativity surrounds him the moment he starts thinking of the past or the unknown future. The abyss of negativity blinds him; blinds him of every positive moment. He starts thinking about either the past regrets or the consequences of the future. And this cycle goes on and on; it never ends. The only way to end is to stop worrying and start living in the present. When he is thankful for everything he has, he is happy.
Why do you regret the past? Are you angry about something someone did to you? Why be angry? Neither you will be benefitted nor will he be harmed. Then why even think about it? When goodness is there in abundance, why waste time finding negativity that is in the darker areas of life? Got fewer marks in exams? Don't worry. Let it go. Will you be never able to get better marks the next time? No. It's not like that. Yes, if you keep thinking that scoring won't happen ever, then it will never. If you keep worrying, you will score even poorer. Let it go. Let your mind relax. Let your mind wander in what you have at hand, and how you will achieve what you desire to. Any bitter memory is like fire. The longer you keep it in your heart, the more painful it becomes. The only solution is letting it go.
When you don't give up on the past, it will haunt you. You will be never happy; you will lose contentment. You will always complain. You will get irritated. In short, you will become bitter. Even when circumstances will support you, you will not be able to make use of it. You will be afraid of your own decisions.
Whenever you think of the past, and if that's some bitter memory, try to remember a happy moment. It can be the day you got your first bicycle, the happy moments spent with your best friend, and anything that makes you happy. This will enlighten you, and you will learn the art of letting go. Recall good past, not the bad. You can even do yoga and meditation to relieve your mind of all the worries. I bet you will see changes in your life.
Remember that the longer you hold, the heavier it becomes.
"Be present in the present." - Moinkhan Muzammilkhan Pathan

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