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Amidst the summit of such a century where technology is expanding at an unparalleled speed and other people are brooding over the likelihood of a nuclear war, it seems next to impossible to simply accept the very fact that there exists an area where people survive during a paleolithic-age lifestyle, completely unaware of the changes occurring outside. What might sound wonderous to us, is that the truth of Sentinelese Tribe, a tribe existing within the North Sentinel Island finding its shelter within the Bay of Bengal. they need not only avoided any contact with the alien world, but they also stand as a shield for his or her island just in case anyone approaches it. The thick forest shields like an umbrella that hinders the planet from knowing or accumulating any piece of data about this tribe and its idiosyncrasies. The fun part is that nobody even knows what percentage people actually call the island their home.

Keen to understand more about such a finding? Read on to understand more about this alienated tribe.

1. Changes within the Island

The North Sentinel Island measures up to roughly an equivalent size because the New York’s Manhattan Island i.e. merely 59.6 km2. However, this changed when in 2004, a tsunami altered the island’s topography by elevating the island by one to 2 meters, leading to a rise in its boundaries on the west and south sides by about one kilometer and furthermore, uniting the most island with an islet named “Constance”, located around 600 meters from the island’s coastline.

2. The Tribe Less Known

The most amount of data that has been gathered so far is by observing them from boats placed at a distance from the island. The islanders are known to be hostile, however, there are few brief instances where the Sentinelese were convinced enough to permit the authorities to urge closer in exchange for a few coconuts.

3. Pretty Advanced

The lifestyle of the tribesmen is extremely unique. They stalk and gather food within the forest. They also use coastal water as a way for sea-food. they create boats which, however, are very narrow and are described as ‘too narrow to suit two feet in’. this is often something that differs from the neighboring Jarawa tribe. The boats that they create are only fit the shallow waters. they will be moved and given a direction with a pole or a log of wood.

4. Their quite Homes

What has been observed is that the islanders sleep in three small groups. They even have two sorts of dwellings. the primary is that the large shared huts for variety of families that share several hearths. Then there's the second type which consists of more temporary shelters, with none sides and which may be seen alongside the beach. it's alittle hut which has space for less than one relatives .

5. What Do They Wear

The women wear some kind of strings made out of fiber around their waist, neck, and head. The men, since they hunt and are liable for protection, carry spears, bows, arrows and other primitive weapons. They wear an equivalent quite strings but with a thicker waist belt to support the weapons.

6. Not that Stone Age-y

The Sentinelese are described because the people from the ‘Stone Age’ within the media, which doesn’t really seem to be true. there's no practical evidence to support the very fact that they need been living within the very same way from thousands of years that they need spent on the island. Their way of life is bounded to vary and must are adapted to different circumstances like most folks . for instance , unlike their previous weapons, they now use metal to tip their arrows that are washed abreast of the shore or that has been recovered from some shipwreck near the island.

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