Lack Sleep? How To Fall Asleep Easily

1. Blow bubbles

Whether you have kids or not, make it a point to keep plastic bubble bottles. Blowing bubbles works in two ways; it relaxes one's mind and hypnotize at the same time.

2. Self-hypnosis

The mind needs to be at peace if we are to catch any sleep. Self-hypnosis techniques are aimed at calming the mind and freeing all other thoughts driving us into a deep sleep.

3. Do yoga

Try quick and brief Yoga moves before you sleep. It help to relax the body and put it into a restful state.


4. Try meditation

Meditation help us to focus on a central idea without letting other thoughts bother us. Basically, it triggers the brain to shift slowly from the consciousness into unconsciousness leading us straight into sleep.

5. Read a book

Reading a book is a common activity that keeps your mind focused. However, try not to engage too deep into it; where possible, read a boring one to lull yourself.

6. Cool your room

Cooler temperatures in your room can slow down your body's activities rendering it weak, hence susceptible to sleep.

7. Dim the lights

Make sure the main lights in your bedroom are switched of or dimmed out. Cues such as light also influence the circadian rhythm, which helps the brain and body judge when it is nighttime. Keeping the room as dark as possible when going to bed might help bring on sleep

8. Force yourself not to sleep

Reverse psychology is a trick that can work for us in many situations. If you convince yourself not to sleep, you'll cast away anxious feeling which inadvertently invites sleep.

9. Play soothing music

Playing soft music at a low volume is effective in carrying your thoughts away into slumberland. Play music of your liking provided it's soft. Although this may not work for everyone, some people benefit from listening to relaxing music before going to bed.

10. Do some exercise

Exercises serve two purposes; one, they can help you feel tired which increases your chances of falling asleep. Two, it help to cast away stress and other worries.

11. Hide your clock and phone

If for any reason you can't catch some sleep, keep off your phone. You'll only amplify your anxiety and frustrate any efforts you put in to sleep.

12. Make your room cool

The temperature of the body controls a multitude of body activities. A low room temperature will switch off most activities in the body which makes you feel clumsy and heavy-eyed.

13. Perfume your room with lavender

Lavender essence has an aroma that can put you into a relaxed position readying you for sleep. It also lowers the blood pressure which results in decreased anxiety rate.

14. Wear socks

Cold feet are a recipe for insomnia. Put on some socks to keep your feet warm. Alternatively, you can soak your feet in warm water before you go to bed.

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