Kokoshungsan Offers Up To 90% To Help People Earn While At Home

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kokoshungshan, a unique home based franchise, takes a step towards helping the community battle their financial predicament.


May 25, 2020 - The world has been battling the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic for months now. Many parts of the world have been through lockdowns with many continuing to practice social distancing. In the midst of all this, the global economy has faced a major setback along with layoffs becoming increasingly common in many companies. In such trying times, most people are going through financial constraints and are finding it hard to make ends meet. 


In regards to this situation, Kokoshungsan, a unique home based franchise, is offering up to 90% off their normal franchise rate to generate work at home opportunities and help the community make money online. It’s an ideal platform for multi-income streams or those interested in starting a home business. This kind of passive income opportunity is an ideal way for the world to overcome the financial and economic repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic.


If someone wants to start a new part time, or even full time business to earn extra cash every month with no need to carry stock and no large financial outlay, then Kokoshaungsan is what they should be looking at. It is great at generating a multi passive income from 10+ multi income streams. How much one earns is entirely up to them. They benefits of this platform are:


  • Up to 90% discount off normal franchise rate
  • NO website maintenance required
  • NO hosting fee
  • NO domain fee
  • NO contract
  • NO need to carry stock! 
  • NO large financial outlay
  • NO need to deal with customers at all
  • NO programming experience needed
  • and many more


In order to get started, one needs to become their franchise and get up to 75% commissions just for sending visitors to the users’ website!


With their franchise program, one will be able to get paid for every single sale that they refer. All they need to do is send their visitors to their own franchise website. As long as a user’s referral buys anything, they get the commission.


Instead of paying $699, one needs to pay only $97 to get the exclusive rights to use the Kokoshungsan franchise. This offer has been given in light of the COVID-19 situation. Free hosting, free domain, free management fee - Kokoshungsan has it all. 


For more information, visit https://kokoshungsan.net/discover/franchise/


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