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Sphatik mala ("padigam mala in Tamil") also called as rhinestone or clear quartz. The sphatik stone cools the mind, as it calms and cools the wearer. The sphatik mala appease goddess Laxmi. It improves the concentration levels in children. The clear quartz brings the cooling effects to the wearer.

People suffering from hypertension, migraine headaches and various ailments can wear the Sphatik mala. The clear quartz are high vibrational crystals that opens up the crown and third-eye chakras. It amplifies your energy so ensure to keep your thoughts and intentions positive.

The sphatik mala removes the negativity from the environment and gives positive vibes towards the wearer. The clear quartz is translucent and known as Universal crystal.

You can use the clear quartz with intentions for meditation purpose. Energy healers work with clear quartz to bring harmony in the ambience and towards the individuals. Clear quartz enhances healing, reduces stress, brings relaxation, confidence and improves intuition. Crystal quartz is used for holistic approaches and clairvoyance. Clear quartz attracts prosperity and wealth to your life.

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