Is CeraVe Moisturizing Cream Good For The Skin?

Have you woken up from bed in the morning or after a good evening sleep or maybe you've been walking through the streets with your big wide jacket on with a designer brand under it only to realize your skin is feeling as dry as rock or stone to be perhaps give or take 


Well it's happened to the best of us, waking up to feel your skin lacking of moisture not to talk about sweat as we do sweat when we sleep, so to wake up to the beautiful bright morning as the sun brims from its hinges only to start feeling hard on our skin is a pain in itself, I know I've been through it alot and have gotten completely irritated to the point I threw all my creams out of my window


Yeah what a shocker, it took me just a couple of minutes to realise what I've done and I went runing down the stairs with my blanket flying from my waist without a care only to step out of the door to remember rain was falling, yeah I lost all my creams but that didn't stop me from laughing at the irony 


And it seemed many people have been having this problems as well, putting on different creams to come to no result but just feeling frustrated at the waste they gained 


Some skin cream even affect the wearer if not done right or even given a mixture in the cream may restart their allergies, so some theme to stay as far away from them as possible even if it is suggested to be good for you 


But no worries that's why I'm here, I have applied many skin care creams through out my small times to figure out the best but not too great skin cream for us 


As we all know it as CereVe Moisturizing Cream


Yes, the most popular cream on Amazon as when I say popular I mean in the list of popularity when shopping like this cream came popping on my screen when ever I scrolled like a fly not wanting to leave and the worst thing was my friends advised it to me but I wouldn't say I bought it right away maybe after three months of pestering I finally decided to try it, and it took me days before I even opened it to talk about buying it but all well's that end well's 


Now back to the topic at hand


:What is CereVe Moisturizing Cream? 


CereVa Moisturizing Cream is a skin care cream made by CereVa who at this time may have more than one marketing product but we'll talk about that another time 


This as we all know Is a cream made for taking care of the decreasing moisture of our skin, it helps with smoothing out skin as well as keeping it hydrated for a very long time but not too long as you would have to apply it again 


:Benefits of CereVa Moisturizing Cream:


Hmm... What are the benefit of using this cream, well it helps in taking care of the skin as it gives your skin a small glow when used in makeup and other cosmetics 


Also it keeps it hydrated on a regular basis, for dry sky it should be applied day and night so as not to walk-up dehydrated, It can also be applied on the face, chest area and even some places we don't need to mention to further the use


Given which kind of skin you have whether oily or harden it doesn't matter, you can apply it on your body often to get the needed result


It is made with ingredients like salicylic acid and benzoyal peroxide that helps in treating acne, SPF for sun protection, retinol and vitamin c for anti-aging and much more. 


Your skin will remain hydrated and smooth for about 48 hours, the skin now gain an overall 80% improvement in dry skin symptoms after 4 week, it also reduces visibility of changes in pigmentation and scars caused by acne while protecting the skin natural barrier and also through means even out skin tone 


It is also suitable for children's at the age of 3 years and above 


:How To Use CereVe Moisturizing Cream:


CereVe Cream can be used anytime, anywhere, any day. It doesn't matter if you forgot about it and then later use it it still works 


Apply it to your body in the morning when leaving the house or even when sleeping, it can also be applied on your face like makeup to give it that refreshing glow 


Do not apply it on your armpit but if you want the odd smell to be off please do it doesn't really do us anything just make our armpit sweating 


Apply it like two to three times a day, never overdo it as every cream has their bad side and that's what we're going to


:Side Effects Of Renewing CereVe Moisturizing Cream 


Just like butter everything has an expiration day so we have come to this


The CereVe Cream is good for skin but also has its side effects on the user, a cream is made for one use and one use alone not multiple 


You use one cream or makeup kit, it gets finished and you have to throw it away either you want to or not. That's how life is, you take one and then take another because you would  have to change it just like when you buy sweets, when your done licking all the sweets you bought you buy another one of another brand to enjoy the sweet new flavor 


And just like that is the cream, renewing it after the first one have finished is mostly the right thing to do if it works very well on your skin but CereVe is not like that


It's a one time cream and one time alone because reusing it can lead to drastic side effects, one of them being an allergic reaction  or even itching of the skin


Others are dryness, swelling, burning, stinging or pain in the area it is applied, so if any of this is found please contact your doctor 


As I said before CeraVe is a one time thing don't renew it, they are other creams to substitute it even if it can not reach it's former predecessor




CeraVe Moisturizing Cream is good and light for skin, it helps with dryness and keeping it fresh for us, that doesn't mean I'm implying it's bad if you're read the side effects


It is a cream to have and use to satisfy yourselves even if it is a one time use 


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