Into Darkness a Vampire's tale

chapter One 

    It all started in the year 1818. I was a man of wealth and prosperity but had nothing without my wife whom I had lost from a fever days earlier. I was inconsolable and longed to join her. But instead a vampire excepted my invitation to death.

    I walked the night with a whore at my side contemplating on how and when I was going to do it. Then I came upon a high bridge. I stood there staring at the dark water below. Then it hit me. This is how I would end my life. I climbed over the railing and with a long drawn out sigh let go. But instead of falling to my death I found myself flying through the air. I looked up and saw a stranger defying gravity. 

"Do not worry my friend. I will help you forget."

    We landed onto the bank of a creek. I dropped to my knees in tears.

"There's no need to be sad. It'll be alright now. I have saved you from a death that you needn't preform." I looked up in anger.

"Who are you to do such a thing?! I want to die!" I replied forcefully. 

"Do you? I can help you my friend. Just say the word." I looked up at him confused.

"How?! You can't bring her back!"

"No. But I can bring you back. Would you like that? Or do you still want to die?" My curiosity got the better of me and I nodded. 

"I want my life back." I replied in tears. 

"Then get to your feet and come to me." He said leanding out his hand. I took it gently and he helped me up. He then pulled me closer to him.

"You needn't worry anymore. I will teach you all I know." The then bit down harshly upon my neck and I soon fell unconcious. 

    I woke up in a dark candle lit room. When I tried to sit up I became dizzy and felt weak.

"Dont try to move around just yet." Stated a voice. 

" I?"

"You're safe. You're going to feel weak for a while. Dont worry that's normal." I staired at him with curiosity. 

"Who are you?" I asked.

"You're right. I should introduce myself. Please forgive my rudeness. My name is Helios."


"I know who you are Erin. I've been watching you for a while now." 

"Have you?"

"Yes. I know all about you. And the death of your wife." This struck a nerve. I sat up and quickly got out of bed.

"What gives you the right to..." just then I fell to my knees. Helios came over and helped me back to bed.

"You're still weak and must rest."

"I don't want to rest." I said closing my eyes and turning my head away from him.

"We will talk later. For now you must rest. I will tell you all you need to know in time." I sighed in frustration as he left the room.

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