Indeed a story to tell

Chapter one

Hey, was the voice that startled him up to his feet panting like one who had just ran a hundred meters race. What are you still doing in bed by this  time? All your mates are already in school and you are yet to take even a bath, stupid fool was the coarse voice of his mother Ella. 

Elisha hurriedly left the room and made to the bathroom to have a bath. Growing up as a boy he virtually learnt to do everything by himself although  there were  servants littering all around the house. His parents  never gave him a chance to be pampered and was therefore able to virtually do all the house chores although he was seeing it difficult. In anger the mother banged into the bathroom  and began asking, what are you still doing that you are yet to finish bathing? Or have you forgotten that you have to get to school. Fast your brother is already prepared and you are the one he is waiting for. If you don't finish bathing as soon as possible you might have to trek to school. That was how she kept bombarding  him with questions  that he felt like not going to school anymore. 

On getting out of the bathroom, he saw that the drivers had already taken his brother to school. but then he began to think, since the arrival of his brother everything  seemed to change for the worse for him. His parents who knew to be caring and loving suddenly changed to him, no wonder the actions his mother portrayed the other time. He had no choice than to trek to school that day. 

On normal circumstances the school was just about twenty minutes walk but to him it seemed like the whole day  as he had not been used trekking to school. On getting to school  he sat down and began to think assuming my father was around perhaps things  night get better. The reason being that the father seemed to care more about him that the mother, but the problem is that the father never stated at home. 

While deep in his thought his friend Dago sighted and came over to him. He called for about three time before he came back to his senses. What is happening was the question Dago asked but he replied nothing. Then let's get to class but he cold not understand  a single bit of the lectures  that day. 

After school he met  his brother Iliya outside the school premises waiting for him. Iliya was actually an entire opposite of his mother who loved Elisha so much with all his heart. They made their way home while  discussing so many things  on the way from the girl whivsaud she liked them to the teachers who would always want a chance to cane them. 

Chapter two

The end of  the term examinations was fast approaching  and everyone was getting prepared so was Elisha as well who was preparing for his common entrance examinations as well. His mother who never wanted his success therefore became the devil in his life and would never want him to be reading, therefore he preferred to be outside most of the time trying to study his books. 

On a certain he stayed behind in class to try to read but he couldn't and therefore was very soon lost in thought. Elisha, he could recognize that voice among a million voices, his friend Dago. Why are you shouting my name like heaven is going to come down today. Do you know how many times I called you before you finally came back to your senses? That was the sixth call that I gave you, anyway what is wrong because you can't tell me you are  fine with this kind of event that just happened and he had no choice  than to relate everything that do happen in the house to his friend Dayo. 

Anyways there is nothing to worry much about, sive she will son come around we're the words he kept comforting him with and they indeed served the relief they were meant to bring. He continued to read for his studies and when the examination results came out he had an A one parallel and therefore was offered  a scholarship by the state goverent to study in any secondary school of his choice. His younger brother on hearing the news became very happy and had their dad organize a party for them to celebrate the good news. On the other hand the mother seemed perpetually disturbed an don't spare any single moment without beating him. O the day they were to resume school, she took him to her people in the village and left him there. 

Life took a drastic turn for him as everything seemed to turn upside down here, since all his life was in the city. He cried each morning and each night that passed but all was to  no avai. When he saw that the cry would not solve anything, he had no other choice than to settle scores with his aunt, Rebeccah. 

Within time he was taught on the basics of farming in the village and being a fast learner he was able to assimilate very fast and very soon exceeded most  of his mates. He soon got adapted to the village life and made many more friend's  there. His arrival into the house actually  changed things as the family began to prosper and very soon he was enrolled in a secondary school near thereby name Bright Future Memorial School.   He prove very excellent and within a period of five years he was able t complete his secondary  school and had to prepare for his SSCE. 

The SSCE examinations was done and he came out with an A1 parallel in all the nine subjects he wrote  and was offered a scholarship to study any course of his choice in any university of his choice and he choose to study medicine and surgery in Lagos University Teaching Hospital. He then began to think, what if this woman tries to stop me just like my mother did and therefore he thought if running away. On the day he was to run his aunt  caught him and asked him the reason for his action and he narrated the episode that made to his arrival here. 

I was offered a scholarship  after writing my Common entrance examinations and had just finished my prayers in the morning when I heard on a knock on the door and when I went to open it  I sighted two men. After asking the reason for their coming, they simply asked if my name was Elisha Joseph and I replied yes then the said we came as pertaining to you. Before I could ask the next question, they we're already in sitted. He had no other choice than to go and call his mum, who knows maybe they are even thieves. When his mum arrives they stated that their son had won  a scholarship to study  in any secondary school of his choice, therefore if  agree to our consent if sponsoring his education you can sign this papers. 

With a fake  smile she signed the papers, but on the day he was to be taken to school, he was brought to this stinking village but then it had made him see another aspect if life and then hear thus scholarship news. I hope it doesn't repeat itself here again but thank God for his aunt who felt that his arrival into the house was good news as it had brought them blessings then why will they maltreat him and therefore told him not to worry that nothing would go wrong. 

He therefore got admitted to LUTH and sounded very excellent pursing  his studies wholeheartedly. As he sat down one day he began to think, I wish my brother Iliya will hear this news but there was no way he could reach him since when he went to check on them the last time he was told they had relocated. 

Chapter three

On the other hand, thing took  a drastic turn here at his fathers house as their businesses businesses kept crumbling day  by day. On a certain day, Ella's husband Joseph came home and was trying to explain what was happening in his bussinesses but then did not see Elisha and decided to ask and she explained that he ha run away. There was no way he could argue with her over it and therefore secretly searched foe him but everything was to no avail. 

Very soon  they started pursuing some of  the servants as there was money  to pay them any longer. On a certain day  Iliya came home from school that his school fees had not been paid and suddenly she fell and slumped and was taken to the hospital. On getting to the hospital it was Elisha who received them but they could not recignize him although he was able to recognize them. He gave  her some medications and very soon she  was revived. 

Immediately she woke  up and sighted Elisha, she began to ask for forgiveness. During the process their father overheard and came into the room and she began to narrate what happened :when I had my son Iliya, I saw that there was no way I could divide the love I had for both of them equally and therefore thought if taking him far away from us so that he will not have to enjoy just like my son will  do but I never knew reverse was the case. 

On hearing that Elisha asked is it that i am not  your son  or what and she narrates to him on how he was picked up on the streets one Saturday morning and since we had no child then, we decided on adopting  you. On your arrival into the house everything changed for good and then after 4 years we had Iliya and I decided to get rid of you out of the way but I knew if I had told my husband he wouldnt have   agreed and that is  why I made use of  the scholarship opportunity and took you to my sister  in the village and paid her about 120,000 but then see where I am today please forgive me. He cried and then they hugged and he said I have forgiven you. 

Back there in school  he was telling one of his friends about what happened and he simply replied and said Indeed a story  to tell. 

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