In Cleaning Out All Of My Dark Sacks And "Life Acne"

In these days when I modified my own parameters and settings to correct from my foundings all of my very entire self and clean my mindsets, memory and energy from all my futile files and litters that are no longer wanted;I orient toward changing my life and everything around me and cleaning it from all its black sacks and acne and popped up pigmentation, like the ones cleaned and cleared from the face.
Doing this self cleansing operation,so many or all of my ideas, memory and mind are to be changed from the very beginning and all together, and the new and very original ones are to be adopted and welcomed with lukewarm reception.Secondly,New energy is to be maintained and sustained to back up my own reasonability and assuming of my own responsibility which I shall assume concerning everything. Thirdly,all my long lasted poisonous figments, hallucinations and wanderings are to be done with forever,like a littered paper that is distorted then thrown in the dust can. Fourthly,all the emprisoning attachments are to be cut away and their traces are to be cancelled to the very end so that I can operate actively and freely in  life and all of my talents and capabilities are to work harder and operate safely with no jeopardy and even despite any exterior sensorship aiming at stiffling people.
Last but not least, with all this auto-modification and cleansing mission,I can embody my mobile feeling of budding up and blossoming up like sparking starry rose in all over the cosmos,and I may can do it.

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