If these things are implemented then nothing can stop you from being successful in the (MLM) world. Network marketing

Those who keep their ownership of their life, they are more likely to succeed!


  Owning your business is the highest responsibility!  You take ownership of your business truly when you stop blaming others for its success and failure and you don't even resort to anyone else to run your business!  This is the first mantra of your business!  Most people who fail to make a big business do it with the thinking of the employee, but if you really want to build a big business, then you have to work with the idea of ​​ownership and it will make your business quite  Will take you forward


  What are the characteristics of people who have fully established ownership in their network marketing business?


  1) You see your presentation yourself!

  2) You can follow up meetings yourself - and you can close your cell without any help!

  3) Your calendar is filled with meeting appointments!

  4) You do not blame others for your success or failure or accuse them!

  5) You do all that is necessary for business and sometimes more than that!

  4) With your teammates and guests, you reach the program ahead of time!

  7) You do not run away from problems, move ahead with them!

  4) Do not run away when you see signs of disappointment or rejection!

  4) Call your upline regularly and seek advice and solutions from them!

  10) Contribute to the organization of programs, do not become just a participant in it!

  11) You have written down your goals which you can commit to accomplish, you are committed to do all that yourself!


  Your business is your own and not your upline or downline!  This is your dream and it starts from the day you decide that whatever happens, you will fulfill your dream through business!


  Business begins with ownership!  No ownership, no business!  Ownership is not given, it is taken!


  You will have to take ownership within yourself that you will constantly improve yourself and remain the kind of person you want to be!  For this, you have to participate in programs and buy the books mentioned in this regard.  A lot of people think that training programs and tools are a kind of expense, but the reality is that it is an investment, not an expense of any kind, that you make for your development!  Empower your team through books, skills and training programs!  Many times when you give your book or tools to someone, they do not come back to you, it is also a part of business!  You buy more tools than you need, you need them for your team too!  If you get a new good distributor every month through this, then your money will be recovered!  So keep reinventing myself and business regularly!


  God will give you a big team only when you are ready for it!


  Three types of uplines are never made - 1.  Postman upline - they keep forwarding messages in group or they are just giving information!  Their main task is to send messages for programs on Whatsapp or Messenger. 2.  Cheerleader Offline - This clap expert!  Their job is to forward motive messages on social media, clap for people on WhatsApp or boost the morale of people, but never send your work or your achievement!  3.  Relative uplines - they appear only in the program like relatives!  They never work with their team!  With full ownership, tell your team how you want to make them!  Your team will be your copy!  Make yourself copyable!

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