How,when and why to eat chia seeds

Guys,due to lack of proper balanced diet,lack of exercise,we gain weight.There are other causes as well for gaining weight like health issues,thyroid,diabetes,etc.We start neglecting ourselves when we start earning money for our better lifestyle.We don't think for a minute that staying healthy is also important along with money for enjoying our life.Putting weight leads to various dangerous diseases like heart attack,cancer.For loosing weight,include chia seeds in your diet.

Chia seeds is full of soluble fibres which helps in dissolving bad fats,toxics from our body.

When and how to eat chia seeds:

1)Chia seeds can be taken twice a day before breakfast in the early morning and before going to bed.

2)In a day maximum 2 tablespoon chia seeds can be taken.

3)The best way to have chia seeds is keeping the chia seeds soaked in cold water overnight and have in early morning by adding warm water,lemon,honey and cardamom powder.

4)As the chia seeds swells up in water,it reduces appetite and dinner can be skipped in the night time.

5)Chia seeds can be added in your favourite diet shakes,juices.

Benefits of chia seeds:

1)Chia seeds reduces appetite.

2)it reduces carving for sweet food.

3)It helps in dissolving bad deposited fat in our body.

4)It helps in bowel movement,constipation,piles,fissures.

5)It controls cholesterol level.


  1. Alongwith having Chia seeds,pyshical activities are also required.Start your day with chia seeds and stay fit.






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