How to write a good book

Step one be sure you take note before you write and research on the subject. If it is a book be sure you a title and a genre it can be one like Crime, Christian, Romance, Suspense, Horror or can be a mix of two or more genres like mine which is three Christian, Crime, and Suspense read about my book. Be sure you take the time to check your grammar have someone proofread before it goes public and gets it copyrighted if you want it to go public like on a paperback or ebook. If it an essay no need for that but Children's books novels and poems yes. Keep in mind it is an essay keep it down to 250 to 300 words if it's an article 2000 to 3000 for a long one short one 500 to 600 poems vary. If you are writing a poem make sure sentences make sense and the beginning rhymes with the end. Don't use broken English be sure that your English is smooth. I would recommend using Grammarly for your grammar it does come in handy.

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