How to Select Correct Keyword Phrases

In order to get top ranking in major search engines, the basics are getting the best possible contents for the site and search engines will pick up well-edited websites and furnish them to surfers through their related keywords by means of sophisticated algorithm that generates rankings.  


Therefore, targeted clients, keyword and keyword phrases that reflect what clients are looking for and what the companyís major products are should be well chosen before the actual construction of any website. These carefully selected keywords or keyword phrases should be strategically placed all over your website should you hope your site be ranked by search engines.


However, it is usually not easy enough to grab a few good keywords that will represent companyís products and services. The following methods are proven ways to catch a head start. 


1. Start imitating what potential clients will think

Always try to thinks like you clients, if you were them will type of words will you use to locate your products. Business conversations and meeting memoirs are good records are good data where correct keywords may be filtered out.   


2. Make good use of related catalogues

Company catalogues and adverting literatures should be studied for popular keywords that clients are familiar with in business transactions. Repeated product names are certainly the one you should pay special attention to.    


3. Keep a watchful eye upon the competitors

Track your competitorsí websites that are ranking well. Make sure what kind of keywords they are making use of and use them in your site if necessary.  


With the methods listed above, you should be able to work out some useful keywords. 

But further attention ought to be in place as follows

1 Use different combinations of keywords through good blending of words in their single or plural forms, synonyms, short forms and even misspellings. 


2 Use well targeted keywords instead of general keywords. Use the word ìmouseî instead of ìcomputer peripheralsî. Keywords too general will miss clients after all. In this case, more accurate and descriptive keywords such as optical mouse, wireless mouse or blue tooth mouse should be given enough consideration. 


3 Avoid using single keyword. Single keyword carries the toughest competition and the least serious clients response. Search results will get blurred if single keywords are used.       


4 Do not use keywords with copyright to avoid unnecessary legal accusations. 


Keywords selection is the primary links of good search engine optimization. Time and experience are needed to study them fully.



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