How To Reach Millions of People with Your Product or Services

The key to reach millions of people with your product or services is start writing your article right now and distributes it to hundreds of ezine publishers online. Currently there are tens of thousands of ezine publishers online and they are all looking for good content to publish in their ezines. If you write good article and not a sales letter that promoting your business, then your article possibility publish in their newsletter or web sites.


If your article publishes in their newsletter or web site, these will give exposure to your online business because every article you write you are free to include your business info in your resource box. So treat your resource box very useful. 


Once you have your highly informative article ready to go, submit it to the online article directory. Go to search engine and type, free article directory or article directory.


Here are a few list of major article directory available on the net.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Go to search engine and type, free ezine directory or ezine directory. Click on each ezine you search and browse for ezine accept article in their publication. Collect their name and contact emails. If you cannot find their name, try whois their web address. Alternatively, go to, type their ezine URL address, and click whois. 


Send emails to these ezine publishers with a short cover letter and personalized paragraph at the top of your emails. Include your article in your email after your personalization. Personalization your emails are very important because most ezine publishers receive hundreds of these emails every day. Therefore, you must make your emails interesting and let these ezine publishers happy to read your emails and then take action to publish your article.


If it is hard for you to find those ezine publishers, use article announcement lists or groups. Announcement lists is a groups of ezine publishers and editors that subscribe to these lists and they are in double opt-in method. Each of these publishers is looking for good content in their ezine, e-books, or web sites. Currently each of these publishers and editors has subscriber or ezine reader between 1,000 - 10,000 readers. These subscribers or ezine readers are growing every each day. That is mean your articles are expose to millions of ezine or newsletter readers.

Go to search engine and type, article announcement lists.

Good luck with your advertising campaign.

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