How to Poise Myself to Become a Millionaire

Step 1: Commit

First, you must accept the change that you want to be a millionaire. Millionaires are different from ordinary people in that they are very committed and have higher determination in everything they do. By accepting the change, you need to be committed like them, and be willing to take persistent and M-A-S-S-I-V-E actions. 

Step 2: Save 

Develop the habit of saving money. It does not matter how much as long as you make it a habit to save a portion of your income aside every month. Without savings, you will never have money for any form of investment. Besides, one would never be rich if they spend everything they earn.

Step 3: Adopt the Millionaire Mindset

Wear a millionaire’s hat and think like a millionaire. A millionaire never blames other people or the environment for what happens to them, even when they suffer losses. Instead they work to improve themselves and learn from losses. They see opportunities and hope when others see failures. 

Step 4: Follow your Passion

Do what you are passionate about and you will not be working a single day in your life. This will keep you motivated even during difficult times. Keep going and money will be trailing behind you soon!

Step 5: Create a Clear Financial Plan 

How much exactly do you want to earn to become wealthy? Setting a value as your goal is imperative to ensure you have a clear destination. It is insufficient to just say “I want to be a Millionaire” because it does not give you a clear picture of your end point and hence, you will not be able to plan for it.

Step 6: Learn How to Manage Your Income and Expenses

To be wealthy, you need to balance up both your income and expenses. Track your income to make sure they are spent on the right and necessary things. You cannot afford to have your expenditure rising beyond your income!


Finally, take MASSIVE Action!

Take massive actions to supercharge your financial plan – make it a reality! You should not just let your plans look good on paper. Start with small baby steps, and aim higher after each successive step. You are now fully poised to make your million!


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