How to Play Basketball Defense Effectively

Some people just seem to have the talents and skills necessary for basketball. Some of us though have to toil our way through it and really maximize and take to heart all the trainings we have to endure. 


One area that is vital in playing basketball is good defense. There are several fields in defense that you must focus on when starting to intensify your skills with basketball. 


Body weight The key is to keep your head low. Most players want to stand erect rather than crouching but coaches want otherwise. So how low should you be crouching? Well, the good rule of thumb is to crouch lower than the person you are guarding. This will help you move more readily than the other player. Moreover, keeping your body low will help you balance your body weight effectively. 


Position of the hands There are obviously several hand positions that you must keep in mind. Hands up would undoubtedly deflect a shot or pass. 


You can also position your hands at your sides. This would be easier for players and could greatly help with defense against dribbling, passing, and faking the ball. Additionally, this would help retain your balance. 


Get into the bubble There is this thing we call the bubble which basically pertains to the sphere of movement players have. To be able to play good defense, you have to enter into his bubble and make the most out of this space. The efficiency of movement lies in the skill of intimidation. For example, if you can make the other player worry that you would interfere his next move or you would steal the ball in his next dribble, he would be intimidated and therefore hesitate. Once this occurs, he is likely to decrease actions in the play which will limit his offensive moves. This will then create an effect of lower scores. 


Basketball isn't merely a game of balls and moves, it is also affected by the mental battles that occur between the minds of the individuals playing. 


Be a constant irritation because this will affect ball handling. You must also be mindful that you don't always have to be standing next to your opponent. Just be close enough so as to worry him all the time and distract him. 


Determination to become a good defensive player Lastly, it all lies in the determination to win the game and make a good defense. Any trace of hesitation can work against you. As much as possible, refrain from making such moves.

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