How to motivate yourself when you're feeling down

How to motivate yourself when you're feeling down... 

1.Think of all the times you have succeeded-

Can being a proud peacock actually help? 

Yes.Absolutely.Our own inspiring experiences can help us succeed further.I did bag the gold medal two years ago right? I can do it again. 

Anything is possible if you dedicate yourself to it. 


This might sound astounding but what with all the disappointing news and discouraging people around a good nap or some popcorn can help. Of course I won't recommend a horror movie but if you enjoy it that's up to you. 

3.Listen to songs-

Now, I won't recommend you to listen to a song which is overly depressing.Listen to something which inspires you such as a motivational song.A good example according to me would be:-Rise by Katy Perry.

4.Read inspirational stories-

Herd about that boy who topped? 

He didn't even have proper books... 

You see that girl? 

She is the same who won the gold medal even though she didn't have a mentor.. 

These instances just allow us to experience sonder.

5.Finally calm yourself and set your goals-

All the best and I wish you loads of success. 

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