How to Mindfully Get Through the Hard Day

When today seems difficult, embrace the smell of coffee, the sunlight bouncing off your window, your favourite person's laugh, the sky's colour at dusk, the feeling when your favourite song comes on.
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There may be little to complain about life. Because we stay healthy and our basic needs are met. We might even have a lot to appreciate about. You might be struggling with mental health issues from months of isolation. Or you have lost your job so trying to figure out how to pay your bills. 

We have to consider a few things to help ourselves get through the day. So we are more grounded and handle the future in a better way.

     1. Do single-tasking

Few mindful ways to approach the day:

We find it hard to be present when we do multiple things at once and fail all of them. Parents usually multitask- there is so much to do between housework, childcare and actual work. Try to do one thing at a time so you feel productive and have a sense of control.

      2.  Enjoy the little things

When days are overwhelming, take those little moments to go a long way of creating a balance. Savour your coffee or tea for five minutes. You can dance to your favourite song. Look at the stars and moon as you get lost for a minute in the vastness of the universe and the evening's beauty.

3. List the inventory of your current strengths

Hard days would be difficult when we have to relieve our worry or past. Stop rehearsing the past or worry about the future, instead focus on the strengths you got. Trust your strength that has served you well and find a way to use those strengths right now.

4. Indulge in tiny acts of self-care

# Reading a few pages of the book

# Applying a facial mask to feel cleaner

# Calling someone you love to catch up

# Lying your legs up a wall to soothe the muscles

# Doing nothing for five minutes

# Applying hand lotion and massaging to relieve tension

# Healthy eating

# Walk in the room

# Do self-appreciation

# Maintain a gratitude journal

 Hard days drain more as we beat ourselves up in every step. It seems like walking through a storm. The storm can't be less ferocious as we are kinder to ourselves. But our journey would be less taxing as we consciously choose to love ourselves.

With gratitude~


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