How to Make a Pinata

Pinatas are a common sight at parties where especially kids are invited. Making pinata is easy and all you need is a sturdy balloon (bigger the better), a big 8-10 inches dia PVC bowl, a cardboard sheet, glue tape, pile of old newspapers, the papier-mache paste (mix a half cup flour with 2 cups water in a bowl add the paste to boiling water and let the mixture come to boil again. Add little sugar allow to cool. The paste gets thickened with cooling), and paints for adding color and thread or PVC string.


Fill in the balloon with air and tightly knot it. Tear the old newspapers as streams of 1-foot long and 1-inch broad strips and pour the papier-mache paste on to the cut papers. Stick this mixture to the balloon and paste as layers on the balloon. Tie thread or string around it to make it strong and add another layer of mixture and give time to dry. Repeat till the structure becomes sturdy, after ensuring this make a small opening at the top such that it can be closed again. Now you can add colors and draw figures. Give detailing to the structures with paints. Add chips or color papers or beads or just about anything to make it attractive. Finally you add streamers of glazed paper run down from the balloon. After it is dry inside fill the pinata with child-friendly goodies and then close the opening with a cellophane tape. Watch tiny tots reach for it and the sight will remain fresh even after the party.



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