How To Keep Growing Surrounded By Distractions, Excess Information, Magic and Truth

Over the years, it's no lie that I, just like many others, have come to realize what 'truth' is and how crucial a role it plays in our lives as regarding our decisions, habits, processes, results, and achievements.



I'm a christian, I grew up in a christian home and actually believe that God exists.



Sometimes though, I find myself confused, disheartened, and thinking, "maybe christianity was all just made up and everything I've come to believe is just a well planned lie by some truly powerful deep state men and organizations aimed at distracting the masses from the reality of life, it's commonness and vanity and to encourage the majority of the population to live by generally accepted moral and spiritual standards, maybe they wanted to help the future generations feel and buy into the idea of a higher purpose and ensure that too much harm isn't carried out on all of life as a result of intense emotional outbursts from deep realizations and the awakening of ones awareness or consciousness."



Truly, this would make sense judging by the number of wars in prehistoric and present times, their frequencies, as well as the reasons behind these wars. Humans, like nature happen to be truly complex and our complexities can attract a lot of foreseen and unforeseen disasters resulting from emotional, psychological, mental and energy imbalances which may or may not be properly managed or handled.



Perhaps christianity, just like other religions out there, was conceptualized to give men a kind of hope and consolation in order to provide a better life of peace, serenity, love and create that balance?



On the other hand, maybe the universe and life truly are spiritual and there's a creator. It's hard to dispute the fact that the whole universe, just as it's beautiful, is also 'magical' and carries, drives or endorses that feeling of magic. I mean, the world around us evidences the existence of things (processes, time, abilities, laws, energies, vibrations, signals, information, systems, conditions, quantities, matter, etc.) we can't fully explain in nature. Take for instance, the existence of healing by faith or by the law of believing. How and why is one really able to cure terminal diseases or raise the dead simply by their expressions through words, dispositions and declarations?! Who set the conditions, laws or program?! Logically it sounds impossible but we see it happen today. Now that's something truly mind boggling we've all got to ponder on.



The aim of this writing isn't to convince anyone to become a believer in any sort of magic, religion, God or higher power but to bring to the awareness of that special reader out there, the kind of magic, data and awesomeness that surround us. Living in this universe of unexplainable origin, everyone deserves to know how they can grow with all that power and numerous information, and to realize just how much they are a part of the universe and an expression of that part of the universe they chose to dwell on or become (neutral, positive or negative).



Do you realize how much power, ability and potential you hold inside of you?! It may not be all the power you expect to have but it's certainly enough power for you to change any unpleasant circumstance in your life, achieve your dreams, score your goals, change the world around you and even touch millions of lives! We can change the whole universe if we believe we can but we must fully understand the laws by which the universe operates and if we subject our minds to becoming completely aware of the laws which govern it's states, reactions and evolutions, we can as well learn how to alter these changes in favor of our specie and maybe experience the true power and magic of the universe around you and inside of you!



Maybe you see the universe different from the way I do, existing in varying states, preprogrammed to control your space, time and matter and having numerous laws, cycles and processes by which to ensure continuity or it's self preservation. Maybe you're also aware of the similarities your mind shares with the universe as regarding laws and processes. Maybe you realize how very often what you feed or don't feed your mind affects your output and productivity. I don't know what you're most aware of when it comes to the similarities our minds shares with the universe but for me, it's the presence of information, data, signals, or knowledge. These signals, data or information may come in the form of vibrations, disturbances, feelings, emotions, thoughts, imaginations, ideas, wants, desires and urges, but regardless of the form in which they come to us, they remain knowledge. Knowledge which can aid us forward, slow us down, stop us, distract us and even completely throw us off course because of misinterpretations or misperceptions, depending on the context of events.



Processing every information we come across is somewhat impossible and if we go ahead to do that we may never achieve what we want to achieve in life because not every information is relevant to our goals at the present moment and there are a ton of information in the world today. This doesn't dispute the fact that we ought to process some information (most times loads of it) when trying to achieve our goals.



Basically, some information happens to be simply distractions and it takes a culture or habit of self discipline to successfully avoid those everytime. But not all information that comes to you when trying to achieve a goal is a distraction or irrelevant, you may realize. You're right! Sometimes we get information in the form of ideas for projects we're working on while we're working on other unrelated tasks. This is where your priority management skills, decision making skills and proactive thinking come in. In order to get this right everytime, you must think proactively and in the long term. For instance, I'm working on a gas leak sensor project and I somehow get an idea for a book I'm writing on engineering and I know if I don't write down that idea immediately, I may lose the idea and it may affect the authenticity of the book I'm writing and ultimately also affect the reviews, recommendations and income I'll be getting in form of royalties from that book. For starters, I always carry a little note pad on my device or physically around with me so whenever I have ideas pop up like that I won't lose them. If you're not working against a deadline on your current project, it certainly doesn't hurt to take a few moments to put down your ideas on paper or put them somewhere you can access later but take note not to spend too much time on it else the distraction may affect your momentum and slow down your working process.



Ok? What do I do if I'm trying to meet up a deadline?



In that case, I'll have to think fast and decide on which task or project is more important to me in the long run. I'll most likely go for the one which will build me a good reputation instead of ruining my reputation and chances of ever growing financially, knowing that bad reviews from my previous employers may leave the authenticity of my work in question. As the saying goes, a bird in hand is worth two in the bush! Focus on what you have to do now and finish it successfully, then go ahead to focus on what you have to do next.



Also, you may find it very helpful if you avoid multitasking and start taking things step by step, slow and steady. At every point in your life you should never forget to ask yourself, what's for now and what's next? What's the universe asking me to do? Whether or not you realize it, at every point in time, the universe is directing us to learn about something new, practice something, try out something, do or implement something, go somewhere, go to someone or just relax, listen peacefully and patiently for the right way forward, it could even be just taking a rest, doing nothing but getting refreshed. You may find that if you don't listen to the universe at these points, your life may seem to be at a standstill, full of frustration, you may feel incapacitated, confused, you may feel stuck cause you're going around in circles, or moving with an intention of arriving at your goal but never truly arriving there on time or at all. Other times, you may find yourself actually being very busy and stressed out with processing all that information going through your head, working endlessly on tasks yet achieving nothing and in the end, feeling like you've wasted resources and still very unaccomplished. At times like this, you must take a break, take some deep breaths, clear your head of all those worries, and responsibilities, meditate and listen to what the universe is saying to you at the moment, find some new inspiration and begin looking again at the problem from different angles. Sometimes all you need to get back your productive self is just to take a break!



Ultimately, see how much power you can get and control if you hold the truth or right information dear. See how much power you loose and how much power controls you when you get distracted by anything in life and get your eyes off your goals! Understand the law, nature and ability of focus, do your best to avoid distractions (from your environment, mind, people around you, etc.) and you'll live your best life, you'll grow enormously in your spirit, soul and in every area of your life you desire to.



Thank you for reading. Keep an eye out for my next article/blog post, it might be just what you need at the moment!



Ebenezer Otokini McDappa


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