How to Get More Traffic For More Leads and Sales

Making money online may sound simple in theory, but in practice you need more than the cut-and-dried instructions. In online business, traffic volume is the key.

In other words, more visitors equals more money. Increasing the traffic to your website can improve your cash inflow by several means, the most direct of which is the increased potential number of sales, whether by direct payment or commission.


However, we are not here to discuss the benefits of increased viewership. Instead, we are here to talk about how to increase said viewership. How can you improve your website’s traffic flow?

There are lots of tips and tricks to achieve this, but this time we’ll stick to just 70, which should be plenty for you to try out.




Originally intended to be like online diaries or means of personal expression, today blogs are used by marketers everywhere.


As the popularity of blogs grew, so did the quality of the common blog architecture, and so today blogs have a distinctly different look f1rom full-blown websites. As a marketer, making use of blogs is the basic means of making headway.


1. Set up a blog using WordPress.


It makes things so much easier, plus there is a wealth of plugins that can make traffic generation a breeze.


WordPress is in essence a suite of software components that make it easy to publish and manage a blog. What makes WordPress such a great tool is that you have the option of installing plugins – little bits of code that can achieve a wide variety of effects.


There are even plugins that perform actions like publishing posts automatically. ShareThis and 

AddThis are two plugins that can allow your visitors to share your stuff with their friends quickly and conveniently.


In fact, you will probably need help when choosing the right plugins, as there are so many choices, and not all are of equal quality.


2. Post entries regularly to keep things interesting and fresh


Keeping a blog alive and interesting is always harder than

starting it up. Lots of people start up personal blogs with a single thought in their minds, and as soon as they put it down to words, nothing else comes out, and the blog dies a sputtering death.


Marketing blogs are vulnerable to the same illness. If you want to keep your marketing blog alive and making money for you, then you will need to post entries regularly. About once a day is ideal, though once every 3 or 5 days is okay too.


More posts also counts as more Internet activity, which search engine spiders will pick up, and therefore grant you improved search result rankings.

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