How to download Minecraft for free

Minecraft is a sandbox video game developed by Mojang Studios. In Minecraft, players explore a blocky, procedurally-generated 3D world with infinite terrain and may discover and extract raw materials, craft tools and items, and build structures or earthworks. Minecraft is available in play store and app store for a cost of 479.56 rupees in India.


How to download  Minecraft for free

To download Minecraft for free on android or in iOS you must follow to given steps:-

1) Open your internet browser on your mobile phone or tablet.

2) Paste the link on your internet browser.

3) The web page of the free  Minecraft download edition will be opened by Softonic.

4) Click on download.

5) Then click on free apk download.

6) within a few seconds you will be asked that do you want to install the application.

7) Click ok/install.

8) downloading will be started and will finish within sometime according to your data speed.

9) After downloading go to downloads in your browser and install.

10) Minecraft will be installed and will appear on your screen.

You can then enjoy your game!


Advantages of installing Minecraft for free

There are lots of advantages to downloading Minecraft for free, I will tell you some of them below:-

1) You can save your 480 rupees by downloading Minecraft from the website I told else you would have paid that money to them for downloading Minecraft from play store.

2) You can now go outside and party with your friends with the money because your friends will also save their money by following the above-mentioned steps 😂.

3) You can play Minecraft and experience the fun that the paid members have.

4) You can tell your friends and colleagues about this and you could be like a hero in front of them.

5) By downloading Minecraft from your browser you can install and delete it anytime you want as it will be saved in your download section.


Disadvantages of downloading Minecraft for free

No company would like that anyone is giving their game for free for which they are charging money and do prevent that companies try different ways to prevent downloading and playing of their games from free sources by which the company doesn't get any profit. Mojang has also found a way by which they could overcome the free downloading of Minecraft from unknown sources. 


They have stopped the sign-in of the free accounts to Minecraft which have a big loss to players who play for free. Below are the losses of free players:-


1) Online multiplayer is only available after sign in by a Microsoft account in Minecraft and that sign-in is disabled for free users.

2) You will not be able to play the multiplayer part with your friends and many other players around the globe if you are a free player.

3) The marketplace where you can buy and sell unique items with players around the globe will be disabled for free players although you can still play Minecraft in single player by creating a world for you and that an only good thing for free players.


I hope that the article is beneficial for you! Have a good day ahead.

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