How to choose a right Timeshare Broker

Finding a real estate broker is easy. They are there at every nuke and corner, online, offline and everywhere. Same is not the case with timeshare brokers. Not all real estate brokers deal with timeshare resale. They may be little more prominent in coastal states like Florida, North and South Carolina but not everywhere else. As many of us know or at least the people who tried selling their timeshare. It is not easiest of the tasks. In fact I would say it is one of the most challenging tasks. Timeshare should never be bought as an investment. It should be for your individual use and for spending the most beautiful moments of your life. But many circumstances can force timeshare owners to sell their timeshare. Timeshares doesnít even sell at their original price. They usually sell 30-50% below their original price. And leave the price alone, even selling is also difficult, it takes a lot of time to close a timeshare sale. Having learnt the above facts it is almost imperative to conclude that selecting a right broker is critical to the sale of your timeshare property. 


Do your homework by researching about some good brokers near your timeshare property. Searching for timeshare brokers in the state where you live doesnít make sense because most of the brokers who deal in timeshares could found only around high vacationing places like Florida. Look for those brokers who have a good track record in handling timeshare resale. It is advised to go with big and reputable brokers as they are more likely to handle your resale professionally and responsibly. They are also less likely to play games or cheat you because of their name. Do not hesitate to ask questions related to their success in selling timeshares, their experience in selling timeshares of the timeshare resort you hold timeshares with. Also find out the average time that a timeshare property sits in the market before being sold and last but not the least the average selling price of the properties they sold. Now compare these aspects of some brokers and go with the best one.


It is not a bad idea to find out people in your development who have recently sold their timeshare units and ask them which broker they hired to resale their units. Also take inputs on brokerís performance in handling the resale of your timeshare unit and did they get the best possible return on their sale.


Cost is also a factor while selecting a timeshare broker. Beware of the brokers who charge upfront fee and excessive commission. Some brokers charge as high as $500 upfront fee. While it may be a norm but you should still ask in writing to list all the services they are providing for that fee. It is generally recommended to go with the broker who doesnít charge an upfront fee. One of the reasons why brokers charge an upfront fee is many owners price their units ridiculously high and they end up sitting for a long time and eventually they never get sold. So, be careful while pricing your timeshare unit. But the brokers also can advise the owners that the unit may not sell at such an exorbitant price. Try to find about the background of the broker through better business bureau. Also ask the broker some important questions like what strategy they will be employing to sell their unit, estimated time it will take to sell the unit. The broker should be able to answer all your questions. If the broker is unwilling or unable to answer your questions they you may better look out for some other broker. Thus, a good broker who charges reasonable commission is critical for the resale of your timeshare because it is in the hands of the broker to make or break a deal and fetch a good value to your timeshare unit.

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