How to calm yourself and reduce anxiety

Anxiety is a natural and healthy emotion almost everyone experiences, it is a vital feeling because it alerts people to pay important attention to their their environment and the consequences of their daily decisions in life. 

While most people look like they are doing very okay, many of these people are actually really far from being fine, sometimes they are either struggling just to make it through each day or they are being over worrisome of the particular outcome of something they do not want to turn out bad or most times they are just paying too much attention to issues that may poses a potential danger. 

Anxiety has the capability of making you feel like a monster that is out of control and has no way of conquering it. 

The high functioning anxiety may not be officially listed as a mental health disorder, it doesn't mean that people who suffer from high-functioning anxiety do not experience intense symptoms or like symptoms of trauma. They may just be able to hide to hide them well. 

I know you will now be wondering if anxiety is truly a healthy emotion as stated in the first paragraph why are people having anxiety issues regarded as having a disorder. 

Well anxiety is quite different from anxiety disorder in the sense that people with anxiety disorder have an over exaggerated fear response to the thoughts that goes through their minds and this can result to rapid heart rate, sweating, lightheadedness, inability to concentrate or feeling a "loosing it" sign, sleep disruption and an intense dread feeling. 

 So the question now will be how can one avoided anxiety. 

One can not for sure avoid anxiety totally, but by adopting these seven steps can help you in restructuring your life and living a better stress less life. 

1, You have to realize that worrying about your anxiety issues too much, or the situations that cause anxiety can result in greater anxiety. This is because the anxiety is caused by worrying and you can not solve worrying by additional worrying, instead if you take a step at a time towards solving the problem causing the anxiety you will have an self fulfilment within you. 


2,your perspective of an issue: your perspective of an issue at hand matters a lot, the way you see a problem or a challenge determines if how hard you think about it. Sometimes the problem we see as a big issue are just a mere setback that can be overcome by just taking a critical look at the problem itself and not how much it affects your living. 


3, improve your mood by yourself, research has proven that as little as 10 minutes of meditation a day can boost your mood and reduce stress levels. By starting off your day with morning meditations, you will feel an immediate mood boost, and as you stick to this routine every morning, the benefits can translate to a larger portion of your life. 

Each morning, once you wake up, take at least five minutes to focus on the events of the previous day that you are grateful, events that cheered you up the previous day. 

This is a working secret for most high-performing entrepreneurs with the like of Oprah Winfrey who includes meditation as part of their morning routine to get in the right mindset and prepare for the day ahead. 

Meditation  can also increase your level of focus without making you feel anxious and also boost your productivity. 

Although, all of these benefits may not be felt immediately, a daily morning meditation practice may be able to make you more effective at work over time. 


Try to manage your stress and your emotions: most people get very tensed when they, get a call from a higher authority, or a feeling of sadness, guilt or shame when we see or hear from someone whom we are expecting a negative response from. When this happens our immunoglobulin (a protein maker for the strength of the body's immune system) goes down and cortisol (a stress level hormone) goes up and this causes chemical imbalance in the body and a weaker immune system over time. 

To conquer this, take a deep breath, inhale and exhale and calm yourself down before taking up that call which you know might cause a change in your mood. 


4, Read motivational books and journal:To some people the cause for anxiety is idleness. People get anxious when they are left with nothing else to do than to think and ponder on their issues of life, not actually think a way out but, re-living their past moments of mistakes and regretting them. If you always find yourself in this category, it will be best for you to download motivational ebooks or buy hard copies from local stores to read at your times when you are less busy. 

If you are not a fan of ebooks, then you can also download voice notes or watch YouTube videos of motivational speakers and mindset strategist like myself. 


5, stop measuring your success with the success of other people: This has been a major cause of depression in this generation, people always want to compare themselves with their peers they see on social media. This is a very bad practice and can make you feel like you are running a race you don't have any hope of winning. 

Doing this is like comparing "your behind the scenes" with the thrillers of other people. It is like you are measuring your success with the ruler of someone else.

That will always lead you to anxiety as you will not be satisfied with the results, remember you own your life and how you live it depends on the choices you make, these choices will either lead to your happiness or to depression. 


6, avoid thinking too much about the things you can't have yet and the relationship you cant keep. Have you once been in a relationship or friendship you thought will be for a lifetime but it came crashing before your eyes. Well it happens to almost everyone, nothing in life is with a guarantee that it will last for ever. Most of the time people get disconnected from us, not because we actually wronged them or because there was a misconception. It sometime happens because their part in your story,(assuming your life is a movie) your life story is over and since their part is over, they don't have anything else to do in it again so you have to move on happily with your life the same they did. 


7, seek help from a mindset strategist like me. 

It is evident, that some people have high-anxiety issues without them knowing because they feel it is normal. If you are noticing you are beginning to go out of control on your thoughts, you should contact a mindset strategist to help you handle your situation so it doesnt goes out of hand. 


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