How to Acquire Anything and Everything You Wish For The Power of your Thoughts

While I was growing up, my mother used mention that many times whatever she thought about appeared magically into her life and the same rule applied when she thought of something she did not want! She also used to say that if she wanted something badly that kept eluding her; she would not get it UNLESS she stopped feeling bad about NOT having it.


I never gave this much thought until I came across the concept of Manifestation and Manifesting Mindset. I was amazed to discover that what my mother used to mention in passing was actually a Universal LawÖ the Law of Attraction.


In simple words, the Law of Attraction maintains that we create the life that we are living! Whatever we think and whatever we feel ñ we receive. You draw to yourself those experiences that match your beliefs; be they conscious or unconscious. 


The question arises why some of our desires never materialize, no matter how much we think about them? The answer to this is that you might be focusing more on the negative aspect of your desire. For example, you may really want to go on a trip to the Caribbean but never seem to be able to get there. One thing or the other keeps popping up hat delays your plans. Try to concentrate on what goes on in your mind when you think about your vacation. Perhaps every time you think about going to the Caribbean, you focus on thoughts like, oh, I will never be able to make it there I will never have enough money my boss would never let me take time offÖI have so many other things to doÖ Even if I manage everything else, with my luck something will come up etcî. What happens is that your FOCUS on the negative aspects manifests all the undesirable events you do not want.


There are certain requirements for pleasant things to manifest in your life:


- First of all, be grateful for what you already have been provided. The thankful get more!


- Be clear on what you want. Think of your desires in a very specific manner, with all the details that you can think of. You HAVE to make a choice and then explain that choice to yourself before you can receive what you want. 


- Once you are clear on what you want, wish for it as if you already have it. Do not let the unpleasant ìwantingî feeling mar your manifestation magic. Imagine in detail how you would feel having it. It is imperative that you put your emotions into it.


- Always think of your desires in a positive way and frame your thoughts positively. For example, thinking that you DO NOT want to be fat, you DO NOT want to be shy in public or you DO NOT want to be a lazy couch potato will not work. Instead, say, ìMy weight is within the healthy range for my heightî, ìI am outgoing and confidentî, ìI exercise regularlyî etc.  


- Release your desire to the Universe (substitute this word with God, Higher Being, Higher Self as you like). Do not worry about the ìhowsî, ìwhatî is all you need to focus on!


- Once your desires materialize, do not forget to be thankful. This is VERY important!


Oh, and let me be very clear about one thing do not think that just sitting in your room and visualizing a certain outcome without taking any action will get you what you desire. It is very necessary to keep your eyes open for any opportunities being provided to you to obtain your goal and to grab them.  


I have given you a simplified version of the Universal Laws of Attraction and how to utilize them to get your way. I hope that I have sparked enough interest in you to try these techniques in your life and to try and find ways to become a Master Manifestor.


May all our dreams come true!!


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