How The Principle of Mentalism Can Help You Change Your Habits, Improve Your Lifestyle, Health, Career, Relationships, & Business

The principle of mentalism states that 'the all is the mind'. Everything in the universe is a manifestation of mind. The universe is mental and everything that happens has to be a result of a mental state which preceded it. For anything to exist, they have to come through thoughts first.


We must follow the process of Ideation and action to get to creation.


The universe is a mental construct of the creator. Thoughts lead to the manifestation of things and events and thoughts can create and influence conditions. Thoughts create our state of existence and the quality of our experience here on Earth, they directly and indirectly influence our lives. Therefore we should be responsible for everything we create by being responsible for that which we think. The thought processes are what drives the behaviors of people. People behave the way they do because they have certain belief systems imbedded in the mind and running like a program. Their thoughts and emotions are driving or inciting their behavior.


Behavior doesn't magically change once we realize something. The thoughts and emotions responsible for the behavior have to change first because they are it's driving force. So if you want to change your reality, you have to change something about the way you think, feel, and how your mind responds to certain events. If the way you think doesn't meet the requirements for getting what you say you want and desire then you're simply doing something wrong or you're not doing something right and it's affecting your result or output and progress. It can also mean you're not working by the principles which are meant to be followed or applied by you to get what you want. So if you're saying, "I'll be rich and successful", stop thinking, "man, I've always been poor and I also failed a lot in the past". Be careful and conscious of how your mind tends to respond to situations and influences when you're trying to get results. Change the patterns, you alter the state of your mind and your reality as well.


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