How People React To Certain Body Language

Body language is another form of subtle communication often practiced consciously or unconsciously.

This “language” is fast gaining the interest of many people.

Body language though very relevant but can sometimes be wrongly interpreted, however it is still useful.

Being alert to reading the various non verbal signals people constantly give out in the form of body language is a very advantageous thing to be able to do.

Fortunately it is not that hard to do and some people are even very easy to read as they are very open an expressive.




However learning to be attentive to these sometimes very subtle movements does require some practice and understanding.

People who are not in tuned to their surrounding are less like to be sensitive to the body language.

Purposefully and intently being conscious of the various body reactions will allow for further understanding of the person or situation.

Most reactions can be comfortably put into two distinct categories.

The positive reaction and the negative reaction, however the interpretations may not always be as accurate as thought of.

For instance standing closer to another person could be interpreted as being comfortable and familiar with the said person, while the action of standing further away maybe perceived as being slightly aloof or simply being less comfortable or not wanting to encourage a closer relationship.

Though all equally natural assumptions it could be totally wrong for other less obvious reasons like perhaps the perfume or scent used by an individual is overpowering and thus quite disconcerting.

Another commonly interacted body language sign is the openness to being hugged or kissed.

This particular action clearly shows the person’s personality or their lack of.

In being able to read this, those around are able to either extend the action or use a more reserved form of body contact.

When trying to gauge a situation or a new personality to an already existing group of people, the reactions spoken or implied through body language is very helpful.

The body language of the new comer is also going to be reflected in the corresponding reactions of those already established in the particular scenario.

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