How life change me

How life change me still when I saw it my self,dad made me also belived mum hated me never knew he was the one who hate me most,she will tell me don't do this when I know what I was doing was bad,he will tell me me mum doesn't like me,should you believe dad turn his back against me later when he want discover I got pregnant made me to think back to the moment mum was protecting me,wish I should turn the hand of the clock I will have correct my mistake,it all started when I had a boyfriend when I was 15years old,though then I was too naive that I my self never knew what it meant then by having a boyfriend,you won't blame me,was all from peer pressure.

Mum discovered when he came over to my house was late hour,to be sincere how I met him was through 2go,what this boy will always do is if he didn't see me outside my gate he will picked up a stone and threw it up or sometimes on my roof at a signal,unknown to me due to my hearing disability Tinnitus that is the name,so I hardly hear what was going on,so mum heard that went to confirmed and discovered it was my boyfriend and his friend was doing that,so mum called dad and big bro who is now late,telling them see what was going on,boom don't really know what was going on there then I was deeply sleeping.

So the next day,was asking him did he later came he started narrating what happened the previous night,I wasn't happy then was like why will mum treat me such way like this? Though never asked her anything concerning it,it was later in the day mum asked me about this particular boy,asking me what am I doing with boy at such my age,warned me seriously to stay off from him.

Then never heard from him,have to concentrate on my study still I reach ss3 about to write my final examination  in secondary,that is how this boy contacted me telling me how he missed me that I should visit him in an hotel,then was not readily to go because since I have had known him,never for once met him in private,after much pleading from him I dress up,sneak out of the house,dad was at home that moment,so when I pick up a bike boarded me over to the hotel far away from my house,when I reach,the hotel was very old,I reach the gate,told him am around,he came to picked me and took me to a room he was staying,we didn't spoke much he started touching me,told him to stop he refused,next thing I saw him put on a condom used a full force on me I couldn't shout because I was deeply in love in him,if only I knew if this boy will treat me this way,I will never wish to meet him, when he was doing his work,he stood up quickly ran into the bathroom,took long came out,he never knew I know doing the process the condom bursted and pour inside me.

He quicky rushed took money and gave me asking me to leave that we will talk later,the money wasn't enough,I have to beg by the road side before the took me home,when I reach,first thing all,took my phone asked him if the condom bursted,he bodly told me a YES,was somehow happy,told him I will flushed it out,he said okay then deleted the message for the sake of someone seeing it,then I was so broke that I dobt have money to buy money to buy drug,went and took salt and water thinking it will flushed it out,guess what? It failed me lolz

He never spoke to me after the sex incident,I let it slide thinking he was busy,I forget about everything and travelled out of the state,after few week at my uncle place,started having morning sickness,sleeping and all that,I slide it down thinking it just a mere sickness not knowing a baby was growing in me🥺

I refused to believed when mum told me I was pregnant started shouting at her she should let me be,still my biggest sister came over to me,started talking to me in a friendly way telling me that I Was'nt like this that my body have change,asking me when last I had sex that is when it dawn on me back to the incident thinking it flushed,nah it didn't told her it was in between 1-5thmay wasn't sure of the date that why I put it that way,happened in 2017,she made me discovered I was truly pregnant when she made a test with my urine,my world failed me when he was in midst of his parents denying me never to know me,mum shut him up telling him hope he hadn't forgotten how she warned him never to meet me? Never knew he was meeting me in her back,she felt bittered.

We left,gave birth to a baby boy,name him Alan because he reminded me how strong he was when still active when dad kicked me on my big belly then,he remind me of how he got tied with cord in my stomach,he never gave up on me still he was out of the world to feel the cold temperature,how life changed me when my dad who was supporting me sent out of the gate under the rain with my day old baby

Telling mum never to step out of the house to me,guess what? She did,met me outside,then was crying bitterly and regretting,dad locked his gate that is how we mange walked under the rain to my church member house,I will continue when am done wiping out my tear!

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