How can you build a true love, the Love is tender it can break easily.

The first woman I met

The mutual understanding between two parties of male and female bring forth true love. The act of kindness, patience and understanding each other generate strings that tied two parties to love each other. The love is tender, it can break easily. We cannot buy love, it generate within a heart and flows out in our actions. The action of either parties –either male or female will show that she/he truly love their partners. The careful consideration should be taken in the act towards each other.

The most act attached with feelings. It comes with the perceptions of different motives of individual. The motive that based on the feeling of lust to create love, never last long. It has a tendency to break off in a long run, such love wounded the heart and live a scar that doesn’t cure easily. One of string that based on beauty also affects the love, when beauty fades off, the affection decline and parties tried to find one who is beautiful. This of course, wounded the heart and break relationship. The scar of wounded heart never break easily, it comes with pain.

The characteristic of two parties always not ammonize, if one have weakness in sharing food, the other parties may have a weakness in honesty. In opposite, the weakness of two may be the strength of each other.

In order to create true love, in such situations, understanding is applied. For instance, if a  girl act dishonestly, the other parties will knew that it is her weakness; so he will understand and act honestly to her. The act that boy may took towards his partners shall rebuke her dishonesty and influence her into the right track of honesty; by then, both of them will honest to each other. This same situation applied to the male. In such act, understanding is applied by both and it generates peace in their heart to create a bond of true love.

The girls can be easily steered up by boys, it is because girls have higher level of feelings. I have seen a situation, If you put male and female and telling them the saddest story, the tears will fall in girls’ eyes first than the boys. Most men steered up the thought of female and break their heart. The girl believe easily all the words spoken by the friends but when the time they come to realized that they were cheated, this is the time they wounded deeply. The love is tender, the true love bonded by the strings of good characteristic. The women with good characteristic is highly valued in societies and communities.

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