Hold on

You didn't let me explain

not a single word 

or even a chance.

How could I make you understand 

You never just was a plan

I kept keeping up 

kept trying not freak out

you were acting strange

and when I find out

you wanna act up and change

change away from me

far where I can't see


I'm sorry to let you go

But I'm not holding on to something 

that doesn't want to be hold

I can't keep dropping by 

to be dismissed in a split second

I can't to be caring 

just to be accused of sharing 

I can't bring myself to forgive this tantrum

you've let out 


Now I can see, 

Everything was not as it seemed.

First nothing made sense 

second , you weren't the same.


Don't blame me for your mistakes 

I saw them all, 

even everyday

far apart, 

the signs were clear

your love was fake,

didn't mean a thing.


how could the word love be used so recklessly

by a person who doesn't seem to appreciate it

I am not one to judge

but you were wrong this time

so wrong, I can't fight back


I take everything back,

it just doesn't make sense 

to hold on to something that doesn't want to be hold.


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