Here's What You Don't Know About Candida Yeast and Food Cravings

Most people who suffer from being overweight are vulnerable to food cravings. This keeps them overweight simply because they overeat. The real cause might be yeast that is lurking in their intestines.  This yeast is called Candida. Normally your intestine is loaded with good and bad bacteria. However we eat things and take medicines every day that kill off these bacteria we suffer from a condition called Candida overgrowth.


Antibiotics are a major cause of yeast overgrowth in the colon. They kill off all the good bacteria in your gut that is necessary for proper digestion so that your body can absorb nutrients from the foods you eat.


Candida burrows into the intestinal wall and then spreads, like a fungus, throughout the entire body.  Candida has an appetite of its own and feeds on simple carbohydrates such as yeast, flour, sugar, pasta and all refined foods like cake and ice cream.  It creates little pockets in the intestinal wall where food is trapped and eventually ferments.


The reason you gain weight when you have this type of yeast infection is that Candida creates cravings for the foods that are the worst for you. The toxic food particles trapped in the intestines also succumb to the type of bloating that can make a belly look really fat. In fact Candida yeast is also the main cause of gas, constipation and a rounded stomach or waist. Mentally this yeast causes depression, a lack of concentration and fatigue. This alone can cause people who are overweight to eat too much.


Candida is not only an organism onto itself but also an environment in which other organisms like to live. When you have Candida yeast you are not just hosting one bug – you are hosting several and they all contribute to weight gain and food cravings.


The secondary cause of food cravings in people with Candida is parasites. These parasites leech on the body causing nutritional deficiencies that in turn cause uncontrollable cravings for certain types of foods. These parasites also excrete toxins and serve to help clog up the liver and colon.


One of your natural approaches to weight loss may be to take an herbal formula that helps destroy these parasites so that your intestine can function normally again. There are also medications that can be prescribed by your doctor to clear up yeast problems as well so you are not completely at the mercy of this rampant organism that can play such havoc with your weight.

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