Here are top things you can do with orange peel

Orange (citrus sinensis) is a delicious fruit many of us love to buy, but what do we do with the peels, (well you might want to say who cares about the peels).

But in this article, i will show you some awesome ideas you will be tempted to try out with orange peel. 


Clean stainless steel

Fresh orange peel can be used to clean and shine stainless steel objects, like the sink. Simply take some fresh peels and use them as you would use your sponge to scrub. 

This will also make the steel to be water-proof. 


Smelly shoes

It is natural to get obsessed with the odour that comes out of your shoes after a long day work, but little did you know the same orange peel you throw away can help eliminate that odour in no time. Just put the orange peel inside the shoe, face the inside portion of the peel towards the sole of your shoes and they will absorb moisture and leave your shoes with a wonderful smell. 



Keep leftover orange peel in a lidded jar, add white vinegar to it and keep it in the fridge for a few weeks shake it twice daily. Transfer it to a spray bottle and use it to clean your windows, countertops and floor. You will be surprised at how it will make them glow. 


Orange tea

Fresh orange peels can be added tea, it contains almost all th3 same nutrients as the orange itself and has a great taste too. 


Pedi cure

You can use peels from orange as a scrubber, wrap it in a gauze and rub them on your skin while you are taking a shower.  It helps to make your skin glow and give you a brighter looking difference. 



The oil in orange peel can be used to relieve anxiety as well as depression naturally. Massage the oil and feel the relaxing difference. 



You can use orange peel as a deodorizer for your fridge or refrigerator. Put the peel in your fridge and it will absorb the bad odour. You can also put it in your garbage can to absorb the bad smell and give you a clear air.


Light fire

Orange oil, the oil gotten from the peel of orange is very flammable and catches fire easily. 

Next time you are stock with how to make fire, just get some dried orange peels, it is more flammable than newspaper. 

Burning orange peel in your fireplace will also remove any creosote. 


Emergency oil lamp

Fill a hemisphere of orange peel with olive oil and use pith as candle wick. This is an easy to do alternative when you run out of candles and you don't have a plan B. 


Lower blood pressure

Some Chinese medicines uses biter orange peel as natural medicine. When asked why, they said eating bitter orange peel helps to lower high blood pressure naturally. 


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