Dear Little sis,

You came as sunshine bestowing all happiness, and cheerfulness and adding several colors to my life. We are the soul sisters connected at an emotional level as we care, share, eat together and love each other. 

It's my pure bliss to have you as my little sister. You are my Jaan... you can read my eyes so as I can. If something happens to me, you feel and worry for me likewise I feel for you. That's our emotional connection.

We do pranks, have fun, and care for each other. Apart from being my sister, you are my bestie and well-wisher too. I enjoy our evening exercises, your handmade cakes, your tik-talks, your install reel, your butter coffee ideas, moon water, and and a lot more. I admire your cuteness and innocence. I always wish you to have a harmonious joyful life.

My heartfelt wishes on your birthday dear sis... You are becoming cuter and a positive person with profound goodness as you are aging. 

I will always be a well-wisher to you until my last breath. I became to love the song image from you, and now the tik-to-ban song too. Thank you dear for keeping me updated with your latest trends and listening to me with a cute smile.

With profound love,

Jose Heaven Fernando

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