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The most recent re-arrival of Grand Theft Auto 5, coming to current-gen consoles, will presently show up in March 2022.


That date change was affirmed in a new trailer for the game displayed during Sony's PlayStation Showcase livestream this evening.


We got to see segments of the first GTA5 crusade, which currently offer quicker exchanging among characters, and a concise piece of GTA Online.




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"While we are amazingly eager to carry GTAV to the most recent age of control center, the game requires a couple of extra months for cleaning and tweaking," Rockstar wrote in another blog entry. We anticipate sharing more insights regarding these extended and upgraded forms soon, including the new independent variant of GTA Online additionally coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S in March.


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"Also, to assist with preparing for send off, new and existing PlayStation Plus individuals can in any case exploit extra rewards including GTA$1m consistently for the PlayStation 4 variant of GTA Online until the game send-offs on PlayStation 5 in March 2022. Guarantee your GTA$1m every month on PlayStation Store.

"Moreover, the new independent variant of GTA Online will be accessible to guarantee for nothing on PlayStation 5 for the initial three months after send off in March 2022 (Does not need GTAV to play

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