Grade card shows your depth


From your grade card

It doesn't become good or bad. 

Grade card is a simple copy,

 which gives the fruits of your hard work. 

Not your character certificate.

Your status is not known from the grade card.

Grade card......

It shows a difference between people,

What you get?

Who you are?

Grade card shows

 your depth... 

how much you stand in water

Grade card is just

Marks calculating paper

Not your life's journe

It doesn't stop your dreams....

Keep going.....

Some people who get 

Good marks in report card,

They are very used to get first position.

Ask to the failure,

Who run all the days,

For get first in his grade card,

He wins in every single step.....

If you get grade card,

 It seems like.....

 you are smart or foolish,

Grade card is not give character certificate, 

It just a fruit of your hard work


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