When you went away,

My world turned dark and grey.

Everything in life,that was bright and full of light,

Suddenly seemed cold and black,like a winter night.

I now had no reason to laugh and smile,

Everything around me reminded me of you and all I could do was cry for awhile.

It occurred to me that you were more a part of my life than I ever knew,

Now you were gone, and all I have are memories of you.

Our random escapades and our word games,random dancing in the rain,

Remembering all this and looking at our pictures just brought me more pain.

I knew that you were unhappy in life everyday,

But I never thought you would leave me,if I could turn back time I would get you to stay.

You were more than ready to say goodbye,

If I ever told you that I was,than that was a lie.

The truth is that I could have dealt with a ton of things in life,

But losing you it felt like my heart was ripped out with the dull blade of a knife.

If anyone was to ask me if I had one wish in life what would it be,

That is an easy one, I would wish that you were still here with me.

Until that fateful day when we meet again, I will hold you close in my heart,

You were my best friend,that is where you have been from the start.

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