God's blessings

God's blessings are a source of strength and guidance, and every Christian wants to receive them. However, in order to be partaker of God's blessings, one must take special steps to open their hearts and minds to them. Here are a few tips that can help you become a partaker of God's blessings.


First and foremost, one must have a strong faith in God. Believing in Him and trusting Him is essential. This faith should go beyond intellectual assent and be passionate and deeply rooted in one’s life. One must have a heart and spirit open to God and practice a life of trust and obedience.


Second, one must live a life that is pleasing to God. Practicing godly character virtues such as humility, loving service, mercy and compassion and refraining from worldly pursuits such as materialism, sensual indulgence and pride will help draw down the divine favor of the Lord.


Third, one must have a lifestyle that honors God. This includes participating in regular acts of worship, attending church, spending time in prayer and studying God's Word. In addition, developing a personal relationship with God through keeping a journal and talking to Him everyday can further your chances of becoming a partaker of God's blessings.


Fourth, daily be thankful and praise God for all His goodness. Giving thanks with a grateful attitude of humility helps put us in right relationship with God and opens the door to His blessing.


Lastly, get involved in a life of service to others. Helping our neighbors or strangers, volunteering to serve those less fortunate, and approaches to ministries are acts of love and selfless service that can draw down the divine favor that permanently utters the response of God's grace and blessings.


Ultimately, our goal should be to emulate the life and character of Jesus, create a bond of trust with God by humility and servitude, do good deeds, and be grateful for His gifts. Following these steps can lead a person to become a partaker of God's blessings and lead to a deeper, more meaningful spiritual journey.

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