Some of us experienced different struggles and challenges in life. As long as we live in this world, different circumstance is part of this world of the living. "Gold will be tested in fire many times" just as the bible says, but whoever passed the test have passed graduated and move to the next level and become stronger and tougher than before.


Everyone who passed so many test is not an ordinary Soldiers in life, but a legend who build their monument of legacy that everyone might see every time. They end up as a veteran in life that will be admired by others.  Life is not always a paradise, but anytime it will be a warzone, like the world in the time of the two world war. A lot of us think that their life is Eden, and when the great battle in life comes, he/she panic and confused what to do, don't know how to fight and defend themselves against their own invaders because they refused the training workshop that life has offered them. Life always offer us a training and lessons to prepare us from the coming fight, an unexpected attack, you will not know either you fight armed or unarmed. Combat is everywhere, waiting for you, like a crouching big cat in its sharp teeth and claws ready to ambushed and devour its prey. 


Will you allow yourself to be a prey in life? A defenseless soul who do nothing, close its eyes while devoured slowly by slowly. We witnessed it happened to a lot of us, we saw them like a deer devoured by a ruthless tiger, some thrown from above to its end, and some hanged above like a prey of the leopard. Their fate bring everyone tears, for they're just a sheep when the pack of lions came, without horns and strength to stand on their ground and defend themselves. Life is a jungle that we need to be on watch every time, predators are everywhere and ready to attack, to ambushed anyone who pass on through, waiting in the tall grass in the night of silence. In that time in the moment of your life where you are left alone in distress, it will attack you right after. A lot of us are so relax and complacent, like a puppies play together in a beautiful grassland away from their mother dog. “This is life!” they said, “A beautiful life and a beautiful day” unaware of the incoming attack. The world is so wonderful, with so many beautiful views, but has a booby-traps that was set all around. If we’re dull enough, we might fall in a trap, in a fish hook or in a fishing nets that was set for us.


Anytime there will be an attack for each one of us. So be ready all the time, we must pick up our sword, carry our shield, wear our armor and put on our helmet, train ourselves to be a warrior in life, filled our armory with the complete equipment we can use and pack anything before we advance. When the great tribulation comes, we're ready to draw our weapons and shout "assault!" Fight with honor and destroy the enemy and refuse to be destroyed. After the battle, we will enjoy our rest. 

When we wake up from our rest, we will see the fruit of our labor, the paradise that we wished for, the freedom and comfort where we can say to ourselves, "We made it!" And dance in glory and receive our award and medal of valor after passing the great challenge of life. 


"Go on, sound the horn of victory." Life said to the great victorious warrior in his mighty armor, other victorious warriors shout their cry of victory. The life is back to normal after the great distress, life give them another training and instruction, "Prepare for another battle great warrior, this is the plan." As we advance toward the future, we will meet different circumstances on our way, different quiz we must answer, different problems we need to solve, different enemies we need to face and challenges we need to accept to prove ourselves worthy to proceed to the next level. Warfare is the nature in life, battles are part of life. Be a warrior, not a worrier, sometimes we are defeated, but it’s part of the challenge, it’s not yet the end, as long as you can fight the battle is not yet over. If we're down, never give up, get up and fight back.

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