Germans Face ‘Enormous Wave’ of Energy Price Hikes

German energy official Klaus Müller, the head of the Federal Network Agency, or Bundesnetzagentur, warned on Friday that consumers may see their gas bills increase by two or even three times as Germany faces the prospect of Russian gas supplies being cut.


He told public broadcaster ARD that an upcoming maintenance stoppage on the Nord Stream 1 pipeline  that brings Russian gas directly to Germany through the Baltic Sea could see gas cut off entirely.


"Most scenarios are not pretty and result in either too little gas at the end of winter or already — a very difficult situation — in the autumn or winter," Müller said.

Russia has already reduced gas supply through the pipeline to just 40% of its capacity. The German energy official urged people to take steps now to make energy savings since a further reduction of Russian gas could see energy bills rise two- or even threefold depending on the building.


"Everyone in industry and in their home life can contribute to this — and yes, this also includes jumpers, shower heads, turning the heating down a bit, all of this helps," he said.



The uncertainty over Russian gas supplies comes amid Germany's support for Ukraine against the Russian invasion.

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