Gaea's sorrow

We stand with faces devoid of any emotion but forlorn hopelessness 

None stirs yet in one accord we knew what was on the other’s mind

We gaze at the desolation they’ve wrought on our brothers and sisters

The ones we called brother,  father, uncle, have given in to the damnation of their souls.

They’ve spilt the bloods of mama Gaea's offspring made her debased and sorrowful 

For years she's endured the carnage being wrought on her children.

For centuries past she’s been made to drink the blood of her offspring. She endured even with all that,  she still provided for others left alive. For out of her womb mankind came, and unto her womb will they return. 

But we who stands here right now gazing at the desolation. We can’t help but feel forlorn. Forlorn we are cos we know that mama Gaea’s abandoned us. For she’s had enough soaking up of her children’s life force.

What we gaze upon is but the husk of our mother, for she’s no more.

Until when would we learn? Look, she no longer provides,  for tis her husk which is left behind. 

We tear her open and inseminate our seeds in her, yet nothing comes forth, nothing comes to fruition, and if per chance one seed shoots our, our mama’s disciples (locusts, termites, storms, earthquakes) makes a folly of it for all's left is her husk. We deserve their punishments, cos we had our mama yet we took her for granted...forced the life force (bloods) of her children -our brethren- down her throat. But she’s had enough.

Mama Gaea cries for retribution

Klansman prod.

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