The greatest gift that you can give to others is to be happy and hopeful yourself; then you draw them out of their despondency- Dr.Edward Bach

HOLLY- is often thought of as the remedy for anger. Where Holly is for anger, it will be because the anger is based specifically on hatred, suspicion, envy, revenge or jealousy. Holly is for very negative, aggressive feelings directed at others. The person who needs Holly has intense negative feelings. They also have other intense emotions, but they are too frightened to express these fully. The free flow of emotion or love is then blocked or expressed unclearly. This leads to tension, unclear communication, frustration, anger and emotional outbursts. The negative emotions of the person who needs Holly may be spiteful and nagging, with intense feeling and outbursts of temper. Holly allows us to recognize that these feelings are the negative expression of our caring interaction with others. It gives us the strength to open our hearts to the full flow of love. The basic problem is an absence of love, and the remedy works to encourage generosity of spirit and openness towards others.

BEECH- was described by Dr Bach as the remedy for people who 'feel the need to see more good and beauty in all that surrounds them.'Beech people'- are intolerant of people who are not just like them. They lack compassion and understanding of the different circumstances and different paths that other people are given, and fail to see that others too are working towards perfection but in different ways. Beech types have their own "way" and are very proud that they can cope. They think problems can be solved in their way, and are intolerant of those who cannot do this. They do not understand that everyone has different strength and experiences. They think "cannot" means "will not", and therefore become irritable and short-tempered with others. They may also feel unappreciated. people who need Beech may be lonely and isolated. Lack of understanding leads to narrow views and behaviour. Beech fills hearts with empathy and open eyes to see beauty without judgement. It shows that we are individuals, with different ways of dealing with the world. The beech remedy helps to encourage tolerance and understanding, and as this happens so the irritability also fades.


Jose Heavena Fernando

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