CERATO - is the remedy for people who lack faith in their own judgement. Faced with the need to make a decision and cannot make up their minds. The doubts creep in and they are no longer sure if what they have decided is right. They then go around asking for the opinions and advice of others. They end up hopelessly confused or doing something that they know in their hearts is not right for them. People who need Cerato may appear weak-willed and silly. They lack constancy, and may imitate others or become an ever-changing 'fashion victim'.People who need Cerato are intelligent and curious, but they lack confidence in themselves, distrust their own intuition and constantly seek the advice and approval of other people. They like to be seen doing the 'right thing'. Cerato is the remedy to give people in this state more faith in their judgement so that they can listen to their inner voices and trust their intuition.

SCLERANTHUS- is the remedy for people who find it difficult to make up their minds which option of two or more they ought to choose. They suffer much from hesitation and uncertainty and confusion. People who need Scleranthus tend to be quiet and are not inclined to discuss their options with others. They are uncertain, indecisive, vacillate and subject to erratic mood swings. They need to learn to decide for themselves: it is important that they do so, but they cannot. The Scleranthus indecision commonly affects the small decisions of life as much as the big ones: 'should I marry Lia or Shea? and should I buy a red notebook or a blue one?' are both Scleranthus states. There may be mood swings and even motion sickness. The remedy is given to help the person to act more decisively and know his own mind. It gives the stability to listen to the inner self, and integrate the emotional and intellectual extremes into balanced and sustained action.

WILD OAT-is the remedy for people who feel that they want to do something worthwhile with their lives but do not know in which direction they should move. So instead they drift from occupation to occupation, without finding their true path, which leads in turn to feelings of frustration and depression. Somewhere deep down they know that they have not found their true calling in life and are emotionally or spiritually unsatisfied. Wild Oat people do not know what their options are because their goals are not defined. The remedy helps people to find their true role, putting them back in touch with their own basic purpose in life so that the way ahead seems obvious. It helps us to balance the needs of spirituality and making a living.

With profound gratitude~

Jose Heavena Fernando

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