The Background of Healing Herbs

Dr Edward Bach discovered the flower remedies to relieve feelings like anxiety, irritation and grief. His research lead to the understanding that our ill-health originates from our emotional and mental state than our physical body. This sounds the same as the metaphysical ways to overcome the diseases...

Plants bring strength to the exhausted, hope to the desolate and comfort to the distressed. Dr.Bach used the specific concentrated flower essence in his remedies. The health improves as our emotional state becomes positive. Dr Bach stated 'any disease' however longstanding can be cured by restoring the patient with happiness and rekindling the desire to carry on with his life work. The flowers embody the positive state as their natural vibrations help us to be happy and return to health.


There are 38 remedies discovered by Dr.Bach for a particular characteristic or emotional state. Before choosing the remedies you need to think about the sort of person you are and the way you feel. Then you can opt for the remedies you require.

Lets, explore the 5 kinds of remedies for fear...


  • ASPEN- is the remedy for any fear where the cause of the fear cannot be named. An uneasy anxiety that something unpleasant or frightening is going to happen. The fear of the dark as named and the nameless fears occur in full sunlight. The vague fear will affect the appetite, interrupt sleep patterns, produce palpitations and bringing nightmares.The aspen brings reassurance that there is nothing to fear. It helps us to face the unknown fear with courage and trust.
  • CHERRY PLUM- is the specific kind of fear, to lose control of oneself for committing suicide or injuring others. The fearful thoughts may be compulsive, suicidal or destructive in nature. This mental pain or turmoil may happen during a great emotional or physical change when the person is stressed or worn out. Cherry Plum is one of the ingredients of Rescue Remedy. It restores the control and trust of the emotions and mind.
  • MIMULUS-is the remedy for known fears. You get frightened about something or become anxious about something. Every day fears like fear of public speaking, fear of the dark, fear of aggressive dogs, phobias such as fear of spiders and birds, then Mimulus is the best option. People who tend to be nervous, shy and timid can go for Mimulus.
  • RED CHESTNUT- is for people who feel fear for the well-being of others. The husband afraid when his wife goes out alone in dark, the mother fretting over what may happen to her child at school. People may have forsaken worrying about themselves, but project their fears on their loved ones. This inappropriate fear limits the social interactions of both the sufferer and their loved ones. Red chestnut helps us realize that the anxiety is a projection of personal fear. It brings the calm necessary to be sensitive to the real problems and gives an empathetic support.
  • ROCKROSE- is the remedy who are being a panicky, terror struck fear that makes conscious thought and decision next to impossible. The person who needs Rock Rose experiences feelings of helplessness, terror and blind panic. Fear may cause palpitations, heart jitters or panic attacks. The remedy provides calm and courage. The self is forgotten and strength reappears.

Flower remedies work not by attacking disease but by flooding our bodies with the beautiful vibrations of our Higher Nature. They help to remake the contact with our true self which has become hidden by our reaction to life's difficulties.

With profound gratitude,

Jose Heavena Fernando

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