Five Online Dating Tips

Date Safely Online


It is possible to meet people online.  Look at 90 Day Finance .


Five simple online dating tips. 

Google Name Like Crazy. 

Don't just Google the personsame name. Type example  John criminal,  city Town. Find nothing then type John rappest  city, town continue John bank robber. 

You see were I'm going with this?  Dig deeper.  It may take a half hour. It's worth it. If you're not sure don't go. 

Pen Name

Use a pen name.  Have one account for work personal.  Then create a third for dating. Mix it with something like contest or coupons.

The Lighter The Better

Always go in the day at first.  Unless you really can't.  Never go right to his house.  Or yours unless you personally want to.

Ask Questions 

Ask questions. Through chat Facebook or social media your using.  Save them make sure it's similar when you meet. 

Just  Block

If in doubt just block. Nok need to explain. 




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