Feeling Of A Boy

Many people start their school life in different ways. Adults have a different perspective on school life because they have been through it. But only those who live that life will understand the harshness that it contains. Now you feel the hardness in school life, but there is also a hardness in school life. Every person has his own tensions Adults generally say you are not young. What can you think. But adults don't know that every person has his own things to do and his own thoughts A student's life starts with how his school teachers are successful It is only possible to say whether it will be a success or a failure. This era is approaching a lot of science. In India and other states in India, there are many bad things going on in the name of education. Let's start talking about school life. Or else No, let me take my example. In my school, if I do something wrong, the teacher will say it out loud. People will listen and say it out loud. I still don't understand why. There is a pain that occurs at that time, a stretching of the mind that will never go away. Every day, mothers will say, "Hey, this plus two is your last plus two." Life, but it's past again A degree is the turning point for what we study for work, but there is another thing that each of us should think about, not for money Our study should be for knowledge. Our study should be for knowledge.

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