Feeling lost

At times in life,we feel lost,useless and aimless. That's a phase of life that comes to everyone's life at least once. How to cope with it? What if you feel like killing yourself? What if you feel like quitting everything. In that phase,just don't worry. Be happy. Try to smile or laugh. It would help you realize that it's life. It is full of ouups and downs. You have to be strong and rise up again to find the motivation to live. You need to focus on the positive things at that moment and try to think positive. Always keep in mind "it's never been too late". So just be strong, whenever you feel like a failure,start again and try. If you fail again,try again for hardwork always pays off. And keep in mind, dying is not the solution to your problems. As it's easy and a cowardly action. So be happy,be strong and be the best version of yourself.

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