Fear is present in every task.If fear is not handled properly, then it give existence to Phobia one of a mind disease .It is present in our mind right from ancient period.

When we gain victory in any task,only then it is destroyed to some extent..When we study,we deal with fear but after completing our study to one percent or fifty percent,it gets reduced due to gained confidence.

Now,when we take part in any competition,fear makes us weak but due to our practice,we are able to fight with it.

Steps to overcome fear:

​i) When you face fear in your mind,then change the frequency of your thoughts since it will help you to reduce fear.

​ii) Whenever fear becomes severe in your heart or mind,then do meditation to gain focus and control to fight against fear.

​iii) Even,you can use affirmations like say i am living a my life in healthy and peaceful way.

iv)Use positive affirmations as per every conditions against fear.

​iv) Check your state and type of fear and then act accordingly with simple actions.



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Leonard - Jan 24, 2023, 11:22 PM - Add Reply

Yes, it is true. Thanks for this helpful article.

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