1. Hello everyone 👋🏻
  2.        Today let's talk about Expression.....
  3. Expression.... what expression ? This might be your feeling right now... just wait and read for a second.
  4. We all do expressions all the time and through the day right !
  5. But when we see kids playing , laughing , enjoying we all get a smile on our faces without knowing or recognising.
  6. Cause the reason is they are true and genuine expressions.... wait ... what do you mean genuine ? What all our expressions are fake , is that what you mean ...! This might be your thinking again...but wait one more second and read the rest.
  7. As we grow on ... We begin to try to be less expressive , like be decent , should not laugh out loud etc... Such things ...
  8. And we begin to hide our emotions , smiles etc....stuff.
  9. But it's all of a huge waste right ... , Cause what will you get , any award or reward for not laughing and for being normal or as usual...No we won't right , so what's the point trying to be like that our whole lives....
  10. So don't hesitate or be afraid of what people may think if you laugh out loud or shout out loud in anger , let them be some old superstitious bunch...
  11. So... From now on don't think of what others might think , just let your expressions, emotions and feelings flow , there's nothing wrong in it ...
  12. 👋🏻 Ba bye ! Have a nice day

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