everyone cant be read and loved.

To trust someone is to love and admire them, if you love them to much the best thing to do is not trust them. There is to much trust in relationship and people you love including close family and friends, i love people but i can never trust them. im going to tell you about my relationship, i met the girl when i was twelve and she was so sweet and loving. we were in the sixth grade and she spoke to me on the first day i liked here instantly. i will call her lita i dont want to say her real name. after some time i thought about lina alot, as the school year wrapped up she was all i needed. Lina was my thing and i loved her, i was a year older than Lina she is light skin with freckels and  orange hair. Throughout the school year we would chat and flirt during class. she was just like a character out of a book i wanted a romance story with her i was was ready to do what ever it took. i know she liked me because how nice she was i was always careful not to curse in front of her because she loved for me to talk softly. i hoped she was going to come back to the same school the next school year so i could just see her orange hair, all i could do was wait. if i lolst her i would be crushed. I never got her phone number and i didnt know where she lived i wanted her to be with me for life. Soon i was out of school for the summer everything changed when i had to go to a summer program for youths, it was suppose to be a great experience where you learn life lessons and it was. The first motning i walk in i was the first one there in next was Lina. We embraced and i was with my thing, evrthing i wanted in  a girl friend was standing in front of me smiling a joking. I couldnt believe Lina was there for the summer and she was even prettier. I trusted Lina and i thoiught i could trust her. By an hour the building filled up with fourty other minors. Some i knew and some i didnt, some where friends with Lina. Every friday we would go on a trip to other countys to learn more. A few weeks in to the program Lina woulld beacome disrepsectsful towards me and i lkoved her i wanred things to work and i wanted her to be happy. After that she became more difficult. Other boys had began flirting with her, there wasnt to juch i could do at that point. i could still trust her until the next to weeks. One trip Lina got missing with hte other teen boys and the were taking advantge of her sexually. i should have never trusted her ever. Never in a million years did i think my bitch Lita would do anything wrong to hurt me. i was very hurt so were her friends, Lina if you reading this i meant this and i can couldnt get over it at the time for some years now im fine girl. She went on to come back to school, as much as she tried to get the relationship back on tack i just told her know. This is why no one should be trusted. 

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