Ecommerce is the Future of Brick & Mortar Stores

Pandemic is the Boost of Ecommerce

The buying habits that have been changing or forced to change due to Pandemic are unlikely to shift back to “what they once were, even after things get back to normal”. Because of this, now is the time to bet on Ecommerce. Its future influence will be far greater than it has ever been.

Attempting to predict the future is often a fool’s errand. Winston Churchill once said, “I always avoid prophesying beforehand, because it is much better to prophesy after the event has already taken place.”

But by collecting data, finding trends and patterns, we can make some pretty educated projections for the future of Ecommerce. Let’s start by looking at a couple shifts in consumer behaviour that will drive the Future of Ecommerce industry.

Business Environment Reshaped by the “New Normal”

While some believe that these shifts are only temporary, consumer polling indicates that this shift to Ecommerce is here to stay. Buyers enjoy the convenience of online shopping and many will still be reluctant to return to old shopping habits even after restrictions are lifted.

 COVID-19 have pushed people to follow the New Normal & their fear of Pandemic is the boost Ecommerce Been Waiting For many years

Ecommerce is at an all-time high because of lockdowns, travel bans and shop closures during 2020 & ongoing 2021. This boom has not only increased the purchase value of the younger generation, even older generations are now turning to Ecommerce to keep up with the competition and market.

Ecommerce is the Future of Brick & Mortar Store

While Ecommerce entrepreneurs haven’t been entirely immune from our twin problems “public health and economic crisis”.

An in-depth customer survey by PYMNTS reveals, “More than 52%of the consumers around the globe which is half of world’s population have shifted to Ecommerce Purchase ”. One who recently shifted to digital grocery shopping say “They won’t go back to their old ways of shopping, as online delivery and curb side pickup are gaining ground”.

The overall impact has clearly accelerated our people transition away from brick and mortar stores. By making an active investment in Ecommerce now, you will be better positioned to achieve successful market results in the future.

Brick & Mortar Stores that do not have an Ecommerce system in place could lose significant revenue in the years to come as buyer habits become increasingly digitally oriented.





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